Tuesday, August 28, 2012

-Bachelor Pad Recap-

I am not sure how I found myself here again, blogging about bachelor pad, but I literally can not contain my thoughts!

Spelling Bee:

I am not sure I can shamelessly criticize them for this because I am a terrible speller, in fact i just used spell check to fix my first attempt at criticize.  But this was hilarious.  My favorite part was obviously the "judges" Not only was Kalon right, they look def look like they were shipped over from Hogwartz (but then again so did Kalon), but they were totally disgusted with their attempts at these words! I personally think the kids should have gotten to take the helicopter rides, much better use of money! :)

Poor Poor Sarah. She seems so desperate. Girl, you are too old for this. If Ed would have paid this much attention to manipulating you, you would be rolling in the hay with him right now. "we have something real, and I know that now" -- oh girl, I feel like you may be in the same china shop with Jamie picking out matching plate sets. Also, does anyone know why she talks out of the side of her mouth?

Put on your big girl panties and win the money, or pack your bags girl! I love that she says, "I think this is the first time since Michael left (12 hrs ago) that I have wanted to stay" U never see Tony calling his CHILD, but someone found rachel a phone to call michael, because she can't make a decision without him. All that drama, and I am pretty sure they aren't even together in real life, shocking I know.

Ill be honest, she is starting to crack me up. She knows who she is, and she is HILAR! I love the trashy candid comments. Tony is quirky and weird, and I love it all. Not sure why Tony felt like he needed to dress like he was on Dancing with the Stars for the rose ceremony, but you have to be at least on the c list of celebrities to get there.

this is why boys leave tire tracks on girls foreheads, because they are dumb dumb dumb.  Ed literally told her, i am not interested in having a relationship outside of the pad, and she follows that up with okay let me show you my panties.

I couldn't even begin to comment on each guy... i have to be some what productive today.  :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Easiest Pie EVER! :)

So... I think I have said this before, but I am no baker.  This isn't my humble brag either, like I regularly burn slice and bake cookies.  A couple of years ago, my friend from work gave me this recipe, and I have made it numerous times! It is so so easy, and so delicious! I liketo refer to it as the 3/4 pie, you will catch on! 

So these are your ingredients! Pie Crust, 8 oz cream cheese, hot fudge sauce, cool whip, sugar, cherry pie filling! 
 First you will start with your pie crust and your hot fudge sauce.  Remove the lid and heat your fudge sauce in the microwave for 45 secs to 1 min.  Then you will add it to your pie crust.  ONLY use about 3/4 the jar. 

 Then you will add your 8 oz of cream cheese and whip it with 1/4 cup sugar.  Once whipped you will fold in about 3/4 of your cool whip. Try to whip it enough to where there is few bumps. 
 Next... this is kind of important... make sure your fudge sauce is NOT HOT. If you need to pop it in the fridge for a few minutes that is totally fine, once the fudge is cooled, add your cream mixture to the top of the fudge. Add about 3/4 of your cream mixture. 
 Here it is... the important part is that you have to make sure you still have a little room at the top of your pie crust. 
 Now you add your can of cherry filling! 
 Refrigerate the pie until you are ready to serve! :) Enjoy its DELISH!!! :) 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BachelorPad..Enough Said.

Okay, I had NOO intention of writing about this at all... but I am literally so annoyed watching this right now, I had to write it out! This is like a bad bad train wreck that you can't stop watching.  I have a serious case of onlooker rubber neck.

Where to start? First of all, did none of these people watch the past seasons of bachelor pad? When they ask you questions to rag on one another, you should know that it will be read infront of everyone... what a shocker.

Jaclyn wins and takes Ed, and they seem to have fun on their date. Jaclyn kind of annoys me, but not enough to really care. I kind of feel like she is a little troll like. Her eyes are really close to eachother and she has that long pointy nose, but ya know whatev.  The decision to give the rose to Chris, I will never understand. But ill get to him later.

Which brings me first to Jaime...
At this point I just feel sorry for her... on Bens season she made me literally so uncomfortable when she tried to be sexy and kiss Ben, and then all the sudden she comes back to the bachelor pad with her slutty pants on! Its like she morphed into super desperate skanky skank. :) 
"I haven't felt this way about someone this quickly, I can walk into a room and say thats my man"- Jamie
followed by Chris saying "Jamie is really annoying and just talks and talks the only way to shut her up is just to kiss her." 
I wonder if while she is watching this at home she still feels like picking out bridesmaid dresses and matching plates. 
All I can say bc I am a southern lady is "Bless her Sweet Heart" 

I would like to keep my blog in some form, and if I said what I really think of him, I think I would get censored. I couldn't stand him on Emily's season bc I felt like he was kind of a cry baby dramatic immature douche bag, and he exceeded all my expectations.  He makes Kalon look like a gentleman.  I can't wait for the reunion of all of this so that I can hear what the girls think after hearing what he has said in his interviews! All I can think of is that if I was Emily Maynard, you have to be sitting back right now and saying Thank goodness I dodged that bullet!   

I hated Kalon on Emily's season like the rest of america I thought he was just an arrogant asshole, that clearly hasn't changed, but I love his manipulation of Chris.  I think he will eventually get caught and it may hurt his chance of winning, but Im sure he can find helicopter fuel somewhere else :) 

This is just a brief rant! I want to hear what yall think ab these CrAy CrAy people! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mexican Stuffed Chicken!

So, I have been on quite the blogging hiatus, bc I have been on a big cooking hiatus as well.  Life seems so busy lately, we are just trying to keep up! :) I don't know what dinner is like at your house, but we always seem to be scrounging around for a new idea... and by "we" I clearly just mean me. be serious.  So I decided last week I was going to make due with what we had in the house, ya know try my own version of Chopped. I always think to myself I could probably be on the show :) 

Okay, so I just started with two jalepenos... into the Magic Bullet, which is my favorite thing ever... 
 Then I added one small onion, a tablespoon of minced garlic, and a handful of cilantro. My measurements are exact so make sure you follow :) oops! 
 So I am slightly obsessed with laughing cow cheese...however, we don't eat a lot of carbs in the Richards home so sometimes I have to be a little creative to work this into our meals! This one is the chipotle one! 
 Pound out your chicken breasts until they are thin enough to be able to stuff and roll.  So I don't have a meat pounder, mallet thing.  I used a rolling pin.. and it did not do the job as effectively as I was hoping so mine are a little thick.  Spread one wedge of your laughing cow onto one chicken breasts. 
 Then spread your jalepeno onion mixture onto the cheese. 
 Then ROLL IT UP! :) Add toothpicks as needed to keep your stuffing in. 
 As you can see, my rolling was a little sub par, but my use of toothpicks was above and beyond... Mr. R could have had a punctured lung due to my use of toothpicks haha 
I had extra stuffing so I just put it on top of the chicken
 Bake chicken for 30 minutes at 350!  Then remove and add your favorite salsa! 
 We like cheese in this house...don't worry we arent picky... any cheese in any form will work, so I added pepper jack cheese to the top of the salsa and put back in the oven on BROIL 
 Don't forget to remove your toothpicks before eating, ENJOY!! :) 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everything Has a Home.

I have never in my life been an organized person, but when we got married and got our house, I felt like I should at least try, or pretend.  So I came up with a motto, Everything has a home.  Apparently its not believable that the "home" for some of my clothes is on the floor in the bathroom.  With Pinterest these days, people have jewelry having on doorknobs, on cork boards or all sorts of other creative things.  Here are the things that I use for my jewelry and think its pretty effective! :) 

 All my earrings! :) 
And look at the preview we got from my nieces one year pictures!! how stinkin cute is she!! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Via Instagram!

This is what we have been up to via instagram in June, ya know the new way for everyone to prove deep down they are a pro photographer.  :) 

 Yes, I deserve some sort of persuasive award, I convinced my husband to go to Canton with me in June. :) He clearly looks thrilled! We both had a blast! I can't wait to show you guys all the goods we got! 
 I know that pool time isn't for all my fair skinned friends, however summer isnt summer without some pool time and a sonic drink.  I have to solo it to the pool most days because Mr. R is of the skin tone known as expose and burn! :(
 Cashing in some fuel points at Kroger! 
 my healthy eating for my night shift meals! 
 SPARK!!!! I don't drink soda and am a rarely frequent coffee.. couldn't ever survive night shift without my spark!! 
 I am a to do list nazi. I mean i may or may not even write things on my to do list such as get out of bed... it feels good to cross things off, big or small haha 
 oh yeah.. baby girl turned 1!!!! 

 im sure your kids are cute too.. but please tell me there is a cuter face on the planet!! 

Mr. R has taken up the habit of golf... maybe just an excuse to leave the house during the bachelorette and housewives.  needless to say I decided i would go to the driving range with him.. it wasn't all that pretty.  I think I heard the kid next to me telling his dad that I needed to go to the batting cages.. I don't think I have gotten rid of my inherent softball swing! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bestie B Gets Hitched!

We have a weird fairytale kind of make you want to hate us, amazeballs life.  My best friend (Bestie B) who I met in nursing school and then lived with for 3 years married Mr. R's best friend of his whole life last weekend! We are so incredibly blessed to have these people in our lives. I mean who grows up and has best friends that marry each other.  Mr. R and I were so honored to be a part of their big day! :) 

Here is the STUNNING Bride before putting on her dress ! 
Don't know if I have ever seen a more gorgeous bride! 

 Here is Miss Chloe!! She is the grooms niece but was also our flower girl.  We adore her and her beautiful mama!

 Me and Erin!! Love this lady so much!! 

I know its blurry but sooo worth it regardless!! Me and B did the same kind of jump rope dancing at my wedding so we had to reenact it! It was a Blast!