Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Via Instagram!

This is what we have been up to via instagram in June, ya know the new way for everyone to prove deep down they are a pro photographer.  :) 

 Yes, I deserve some sort of persuasive award, I convinced my husband to go to Canton with me in June. :) He clearly looks thrilled! We both had a blast! I can't wait to show you guys all the goods we got! 
 I know that pool time isn't for all my fair skinned friends, however summer isnt summer without some pool time and a sonic drink.  I have to solo it to the pool most days because Mr. R is of the skin tone known as expose and burn! :(
 Cashing in some fuel points at Kroger! 
 my healthy eating for my night shift meals! 
 SPARK!!!! I don't drink soda and am a rarely frequent coffee.. couldn't ever survive night shift without my spark!! 
 I am a to do list nazi. I mean i may or may not even write things on my to do list such as get out of bed... it feels good to cross things off, big or small haha 
 oh yeah.. baby girl turned 1!!!! 

 im sure your kids are cute too.. but please tell me there is a cuter face on the planet!! 

Mr. R has taken up the habit of golf... maybe just an excuse to leave the house during the bachelorette and housewives.  needless to say I decided i would go to the driving range with him.. it wasn't all that pretty.  I think I heard the kid next to me telling his dad that I needed to go to the batting cages.. I don't think I have gotten rid of my inherent softball swing! 

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