Tuesday, August 28, 2012

-Bachelor Pad Recap-

I am not sure how I found myself here again, blogging about bachelor pad, but I literally can not contain my thoughts!

Spelling Bee:

I am not sure I can shamelessly criticize them for this because I am a terrible speller, in fact i just used spell check to fix my first attempt at criticize.  But this was hilarious.  My favorite part was obviously the "judges" Not only was Kalon right, they look def look like they were shipped over from Hogwartz (but then again so did Kalon), but they were totally disgusted with their attempts at these words! I personally think the kids should have gotten to take the helicopter rides, much better use of money! :)

Poor Poor Sarah. She seems so desperate. Girl, you are too old for this. If Ed would have paid this much attention to manipulating you, you would be rolling in the hay with him right now. "we have something real, and I know that now" -- oh girl, I feel like you may be in the same china shop with Jamie picking out matching plate sets. Also, does anyone know why she talks out of the side of her mouth?

Put on your big girl panties and win the money, or pack your bags girl! I love that she says, "I think this is the first time since Michael left (12 hrs ago) that I have wanted to stay" U never see Tony calling his CHILD, but someone found rachel a phone to call michael, because she can't make a decision without him. All that drama, and I am pretty sure they aren't even together in real life, shocking I know.

Ill be honest, she is starting to crack me up. She knows who she is, and she is HILAR! I love the trashy candid comments. Tony is quirky and weird, and I love it all. Not sure why Tony felt like he needed to dress like he was on Dancing with the Stars for the rose ceremony, but you have to be at least on the c list of celebrities to get there.

this is why boys leave tire tracks on girls foreheads, because they are dumb dumb dumb.  Ed literally told her, i am not interested in having a relationship outside of the pad, and she follows that up with okay let me show you my panties.

I couldn't even begin to comment on each guy... i have to be some what productive today.  :)

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