Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BachelorPad..Enough Said.

Okay, I had NOO intention of writing about this at all... but I am literally so annoyed watching this right now, I had to write it out! This is like a bad bad train wreck that you can't stop watching.  I have a serious case of onlooker rubber neck.

Where to start? First of all, did none of these people watch the past seasons of bachelor pad? When they ask you questions to rag on one another, you should know that it will be read infront of everyone... what a shocker.

Jaclyn wins and takes Ed, and they seem to have fun on their date. Jaclyn kind of annoys me, but not enough to really care. I kind of feel like she is a little troll like. Her eyes are really close to eachother and she has that long pointy nose, but ya know whatev.  The decision to give the rose to Chris, I will never understand. But ill get to him later.

Which brings me first to Jaime...
At this point I just feel sorry for her... on Bens season she made me literally so uncomfortable when she tried to be sexy and kiss Ben, and then all the sudden she comes back to the bachelor pad with her slutty pants on! Its like she morphed into super desperate skanky skank. :) 
"I haven't felt this way about someone this quickly, I can walk into a room and say thats my man"- Jamie
followed by Chris saying "Jamie is really annoying and just talks and talks the only way to shut her up is just to kiss her." 
I wonder if while she is watching this at home she still feels like picking out bridesmaid dresses and matching plates. 
All I can say bc I am a southern lady is "Bless her Sweet Heart" 

I would like to keep my blog in some form, and if I said what I really think of him, I think I would get censored. I couldn't stand him on Emily's season bc I felt like he was kind of a cry baby dramatic immature douche bag, and he exceeded all my expectations.  He makes Kalon look like a gentleman.  I can't wait for the reunion of all of this so that I can hear what the girls think after hearing what he has said in his interviews! All I can think of is that if I was Emily Maynard, you have to be sitting back right now and saying Thank goodness I dodged that bullet!   

I hated Kalon on Emily's season like the rest of america I thought he was just an arrogant asshole, that clearly hasn't changed, but I love his manipulation of Chris.  I think he will eventually get caught and it may hurt his chance of winning, but Im sure he can find helicopter fuel somewhere else :) 

This is just a brief rant! I want to hear what yall think ab these CrAy CrAy people! 


  1. I randomly watched it at the gym last night (first time ever!), and my preconceived opinion was true--total trash. I hope these people eventually find self-respect over the endless greed for more $$$$ at the cost of their reputations... loved your recap! :)

  2. Everything you wrote were my exact thoughts as I watched bachelor pad last night! Everytime Jaime said something all I could do was shake my head and say 'oh honey!' That poor girl is so naive!


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