Monday, June 25, 2012

Go To Stirfy!

I don't know what happens in your house, but in the Richards house some days it gets around 5:00 and I go into straight panic.  I haven't mastered the home cook wife role quite yet.  I like to cook a lot but ya know not every night can we play 'Chopped' in our kitchen.  So this is one of our GO TO meals, very house has them.  It is SO easy and works in all emergencies :) (i.e. "Kendel whats for dinner?" uhhh "Im at the pool." haha eeek! 

 Here are the stars of the show if you will.  We eat a low carb diet so our stir fry mix is only veggies. They have a lot with noodles or rice but we just don't eat those! 
 I use thin and lean chicken breast! Cut into think strips 
 Just Add about half of your bag of the mixed peppers and onions to a skillet with a teaspoon of olive oil. 
 We use the entire bag of stirfry veggies. 
Once these are starting to cook down, add your chicken 
 Then you add about 2/3 of your jar of stirfry sauce! Be LABEL AWARE when picking your sauce because a ton of them are full of sugar and carbs! This is the one we had on hand! 
Cover and cook until all the chicken is cooked through and your veggies are tender! 
Serve over rice or noodles if you want! :) 

Quick and easy meal so you can fix it forget it and get back to the Real Housewives of Orange County... haha :) 

What are your GO TO meals in your house? 

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