Friday, April 6, 2012

Its finally here!!!

ITS OPENING DAY!!!!!! We are CLEARLY big baseball fans in this house!! This is the best time of year and we love to spend tons of time at the ball park! 

Here is Mr. R playing!! 

See how much I love you guys... enough to show you this hot mess! 

This is us at FENWAY last year~!! Such an amazing trip! 

 And then of course at the ballpark in Arlington !! 

We couldnt make it today to opening day, but we will be there on Monday for YU DARVISH!!! Don't worry tho, I have made my hot dog, have my sunflower seeds and poured myself a nice drink and will be watching opening day from our (i dont think I am allowed to say our, so i'll say Mr.R's) MAN CAVE! :)

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