Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Because every Aunt has to brag.

Brace yourself... what follows is a slew of cuteness beyond anything you have seen before! (I'm sure your kids are absolutely beautiful) but I am a little biased to this sweet face!

Just a warning, before you play this video you may want to turn the volume down a little. My sisters voice is extremely high pitched during the game here, I have learned babies understand you much better a few decibels higher! :)

I never realized how much I miss being around her until I got to see her for 3 days! She is the happiest baby and just so precious to me! It is so exciting to see out family interact with her and love on her! It makes me so thankful for everyone in my life and can't wait to see how our family continues to get filled up with lots of love and cute babies!! It will be a WHILE before there are any Richards babies around these parts but until then we will just spoil everyone else's babies!

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