Friday, February 10, 2012


Sooo... The cooking at the Richards home has taken a little hiatus as we are realizing we may love good food, but we are no gourmet chefs and our budget is limiting! :) Because we just moved into a new house our pantry items are scarce so when we plan meals we have to buy most of the ingredients! In our house me and Mr. R enjoy a lot of TV, Shamefully.  Heres what is clogging up our DVR! 

Top Chef on Bravo!! 

 The Voice.. in which I never realized how attracted I am to Adam Levine. interesting :) 

I am way behind on this show. Mr. R has watched from the beginning, and now I am trying my best to catch up! 

Some other things on our shameful DVR are The Bachelor...Real World Road Rules Challenge...Greys Anatomy... Modern Family... American Idol...

What is your guilty TV pleasure!?

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