Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DAAAAA Chicken Sandwhich

Well I am sure all you will have to do is read one sentence and you will know Kendel is not writing this blog.  She says this is OUR blog so I should write a post about a recipe we enjoy.  Well.... Here it goes.  This recipe is made famous by Jackie and Kelvin Johnson.  Sorry I got distracted I am pretty sure Kendel just farted and it is quite distracting when I am trying to write a food blog.  And please no comments on me without a beard or the 5 chins I have.

The chicken sandwiches are quite messy so be prepared.  If you dont use a couple napkins you didnt make it right.
First, season the chicken breast (normally I use 1 per person) with whatever you would like on your chicken.  I just use seasoning salt and pepper.

I suck at blogging

While the chicken is cooking you can start getting your buffalo sauce ready.  All you do is combine the franks red hot sauce and a little butter.  The johnsons who created this recipe use more butter because Tyler cant handle anything hotter than an ice cube.  The more butter the less spicy it is etc. etc.  Depending on how many people are eating your amount can vary.  For Kendel and I we use half of the red hot sauce and a spoonful of butter (kind of big spoon).
 Keep the sauce on low til the butter mixes in and starts to bubble just a little. Once it starts to bubble turn it to a simmer.  
 I still suck at blogging and the chicken is now cooked.  
 Not really sure why I have to describe this picture but according to Kendel I need to explain to everyone like they are 2 this is toast... so... this is toast.  In order to make toast you must take out 2 slices of bread then place in toaster.  Push down on the lever thingy until the bread pops up.  Then remove bread from said toaster.  If you screw this step up I would suggest just stop reading this blog.
 Cut up the chicken in to whatever sizes you want for you sandwich.
 I like to face the chicken to where the middle of the chicken is facing up so the sauce will absob in the chicken and make it a little less messy.  I also put the sauce directly onto the chicken and then add my cheese on top.  I am a grilled onion fan and my wife isnt so if you like grilled onions or bacon (a johnson specialty) you can add that to your sandwich as well.
 Kendel likes to put her cheese on the bread and place in oven.

 Kendel likes hers extra sloppy....

And there you have it a perfectly made chicken sandwich and then kendels sandwich.  For my next blog I will be giving you guys the recipe for Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.  Stay Tuned.



  1. Hahaha... good job blogging Cody! You guys can come to Florida and cook for us anytime :)

  2. Yumm! Love The Chicken Sandwich! Tyler ALWAYS says the most important step is the timing of when the cheese goes on after you get the bread out of the toaster!! So, I'm glad you were detailed on that step for his sake:)

  3. Great job on your first blog post Cody LoL I totally wrote a blog with this exact same recipe last week, haven't posted it yet, and it's a good thing... Yours is way funnier than mine :)

  4. Good job son! You crack me up! Your blog is great! Sounds yummy! I'll have to try it :)


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