Monday, February 13, 2012

Breakfast Bundles and Alabama!

With this whole new marriage thing, and blogging etc I have been following other bloggers recipes to a tee with fear of royaling screwing something up! On the menu a few weeks ago were "chicken bundles" I had a stressful day at work so we went and treated ourselves to a few margaritas instead of the bundles!  The next morning my sweet hubby was sleeping in for once and so I got up to make breakfast! 

Its a pretty well known thing in the Richard's house that wifey is not an egg maker.  Mr. R is a fab omelet maker and I can barely make scrambled eggs.  They are too dry or burnt or something, plain just bad bad bad.  So anyways I started thinking that I could make the idea of chicken bundles for breakfast so I went out on a limb and it actually turned out great! 

As I am sure you already know, just like everything else we make, here are some jalepenos. Very predictable in our house right? :) I just sauteed some chopped jalepenos in a little olive oil.  

 To this skillet, I added about 6-7 scrambled eggs.  Half just whites and the other half the entire eggs! I also used one wedge of the laughing cow chipotle cheese, but that was just to add a little more creamy-ness! Add the egg mixture to the jalepenos and scramble! 
 In the mean time I used a regular can of crescent rolls, but instead of separating out the individual rolls, you will join the seam of two to make a rectangle! 

 I also used turkey bacon. I crisped it up in the oven and then broke it up into smaller pieces and added it to the center of the rectangles.  
 Slices of american cheese went on top of the bacon, and then add some of the eggs on top of the cheese. 
Then you will gather up the corners and bring to the center so that none of your filling comes out! I added some grated pepper jack cheese to the top of each bundle! 
I cooked mine per the directions for the crescent rolls! (around 15-20 minutes) 

 Two bundles are plenty for one person! :) We were stuffed! 

This past Saturday night we got to celebrate Erin's birthday!! She wanted to go see Alabama in concert at Winstar so of course we were all in to celebrate! At first I wasn't really sure that I knew all that many Alabama songs, but once they busted out "Kick off your shoes and ya throw them on the floor" I knew it was all party time from there on out!

 Me and Bestie B ready to jam out! :) 
 Some of my absolutely favorite ladies on the planet! Erin (BDAY GIRL), me, Bestie B, and Linds!
 And of course! Me and Mr. R :) 
If you're going to play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the bbbaaannnddd.!! 

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  1. Those look delicious! In other news, I have pregnant face. Love you!


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