Friday, February 24, 2012

Cleansing and Lenting!

So I have decided that I really hate the term "fat and happy" I realize the happier you are maybe the more you eat but in case you were wondering, us having a happy marriage may lead quickly to this dreaded phrase. We decided we were going to make some changes in our pantry! So I decided to do the Advocare 24 day Challenge! The first part of the challenge is the 10 day Cleanse! This cleanse consists of mainly non processed foods and increase in fruits and vegetables and clean and lean proteins! So this was my shopping cart to get all started!! 

 This shopping trip took approx. an hour, however for me preparation is KEY, and this part took forevvveeerrr! If its not convenient I flat out will not do it! So I have to wash, cut, and package every single thing I buy so that I can grab and go!! 
 On another update, I randomly participate in Lent every year.  I realize that Baptist usually don't partake in this event, but I was raised episcopal so I grew up doing it! This year I decided I needed to do something quite extreme, and there were two reasons for this! First is because the whole point of lent is to depend on the Lord and make it difficult because it was difficult for Jesus as well and secondly it was because I think of food as a reward instead of a fuel and probably more than I think about Jesus on some days! My staples in this world are cheese and bread and I took both of those things away for Lent! 
This should be interesting! :) 

In case you were wondering, I still have the cutest niece ever!! :) Biggest girl is 8 months old! 

What is your family doing to be healthy? Do you give up something for Lent?!

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