Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meal Planning and Couponing oh my!

In our house, we are attempting to make one big trip to the store to avoid having to go multiple times a week.  Also part of the meal planning is so I can avoid the question that comes up around 5:15 every night..."hey babe, what are your thoughts on dinner?"  When we make a meal plan, we already know what we are having every night so it makes it easy to avoid the temptation of going out or grabbing fast food multiple times a week! :) So this was my grocery list this week.. the things with stars, I had a coupon for! Two weeks ago, I did my first couponing trip and saved $51, sadly this week I only saved $25 but hey every penny counts! :) 

And This is going to be our meal plan for this week!! I am going to post the recipes for all of them so you will have to stay tuned this week!!  Even more interesting... NONE of these things have been made in our house yet! We love trying new recipes so I hope that none of them turn out to be a mess :)

Sunday in our house is means we eat at home and it is ALWAYS Hubby's turn at cooking! He loves Sundays and grilling and just relaxing, so the Ribs are a la Hubby!!! He refers to these meals as "sunday dinner" :) its presh!! :)

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