Friday, January 20, 2012

Crafting Frenzy!

 So because I am a nurse I work three days a week! Its a wonderful schedule, but allows me the time to have lots of time off, where I may be known to fill this time with shopping or other events that costs lots of money :) Oops.  Because of Pinterest I have started to believe that I actually could acquire the quest of becoming "crafty."  My husband thought that I was crazy so I clearly had to prove him wrong.  Lets get something straight before we get to the projects, I am no Martha, not even a mini Martha... None of these "crafts" are ground breaking, but its not a bad start!

So this everything I got at Hobby Lobby.  The wreath was on sale for $2.99.  The most expensive thing was the flowers.  Next time I do one I may wait until the flowers go on sale! (8.99 a piece! Yikes!) 
I was able to just got off the bottoms and stick the flowers into the wreath
No adhesive was used for this part!

I painted the R and attached it with hot glue! 

So.. I needed a bulletin board in our office but didnt want to put up a plain one so I made a few fabric flowers.. This is super simple and plain but it adds a little something to our very plain office! :)

Okay this last one was slightly more of an adventure. We used mason jars for our neighbor Christmas gifts and we had a lot of extra, so I figured I could try to create something out of them! I used lace ribbon, pearl beads, hot glue, modge podge and the jar!
 I put a tea light in it for a different candle holder for house decor!! I made a fabric flower out of the lace ribbon and just attached it to the front! :) 
Martha better watch her back! :) 

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