Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Food Park Fun!

So Mr. R and I were just introduced to the Fort Worth Food Park!! Instantly obsessed!! It was soo much fun! 

First of all.. its BYOB. And these people know how to party. I can only hope that I am these guys at that age.  I mean Boxed Wine just says.. Hey I can still hang, but I prefer to do it cheaper.  I like to party. ha 
 Me and Mr. R enjoying the evening! 
 These were BBQ sliders and tator tots. One w barbeque and cheese and the other sausage and onions! They were delish!! 

 These were street tacos!! SPICY! :) 
We also had cupcakes, but they were devoured before I could snap a pic! Guess we will have to go back for more! 

A post on my blog sure isn't complete without a pic of me and Mr. R at the Rangers game! We were killing time during the rain out on Friday night! :)

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