Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Birchbox

If you have never heard of Birchbox, you are about to be in for the best secret ever :) Youre welcome.
Birchbox is a company that sends you a box of beauty samples once a month and then you have the option to buy the full size thru their website!! This was my first box and I think I will probably have a membership forever.

So here is my box-o-fun.  I will be totally honest...I have never taken good care of my skin.  That may be an extreme understatement.  I frequent the walk of shame look with mascara all under my eyes looking a hot mess because I would rather get 30 secs of sleep than wash my face before bed.  Judge me... I don't blame you.  This birchbox tho is helping me a little :) 

Befine- so this came with an exfoliation packet and a moisturizer! I LOVED the exfoliation packet! It had some brown sugar in it , so the smell was amazeballs and it really seemed to help.  The lotion is really good as well, although I will be honest, I hate the smell of sunscreen unless I am going to the pool, I just believe that smell belongs only at the pool, the lotion def has a strong sunscreen smell.

Color Club Nail Polish- LOVED it! you can see it on my thumb in the corner! It was def something I wouldn't have picked for myself but I really had fun with it.  It was a fun neon color for the summer and I will def be using it again!

Juicy Couture- have always loved this perfume. Its a Bestie B signature! :)

June Jacobs-- This was probably my favorite out of the box! It is a facial scrub! The best part is it is PUMPKIN!!! I love all things pumpkin! The other thing I really liked about this was that a little goes a long way! I was sent a little tube and I have used it 4 or 5 times and it is only half way gone!! This really took off my dead skin and left my skin really looking clean!

ShowStoppers-- I hate to say this but these were not my favorite.  They are intended to help you keep your strapless dress or whatever up.  To be honest it was like fancy foam tape.  It stuck really well to my clothes, however not so well to me , kind of defeating the purpose.

Overall, for only $10 a month, it was an amazeballs box and I can't wait to share my May one when it gets here.

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