Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Litter Bug!

So I have to tell this story because I was absolutely appalled! Me and my Bestie B were pulling out of a parking lot the other day and noticed that this man was walking towards another car and yelling! We then realized a woman had thrown a paper cup out of her window on to the ground.  This man proceeds to continue to yell and scream and this lady.. and then.. PUT THE CUP UNDER HER WINDSHIELD WIPERS!! This lady doesn't yell back or anything she just continues to drive... at this point I rolled down my window while Bestie B had a heart attack!! I may or may not be known to enter into controversial confrontation but this time I just wanted to listen! :) As we continue to attempt to get the heck out of dodge another elderly lady starts screaming at this lady that she is a pig and trash and she needs to learn to put trash like her in a can.. etc.. Bestie B and I were amazed at the way these people felt like they could treat a complete stranger!! 

What is the craziest littering escapade you have seen? 

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  1. I still can't get over this...Holy litter bug police!! I maaay enjoy the fact that she took it out from under her wiper and threw it back on the ground! I'm not advocating pollution by any means, but that was a little too intense for me! Just sayin...


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